About Omnigen

Omnigen is a team of ambitious scientists who all have a background in genetics and/or bio-informatics. Omnigen tries to find the answers to medical, genetic and biological questions from different fields with the help of the latest scientific and technical findings.


The development and results of biological researches have accelerated the past few decades. Omnigen has the vision to bring these developments and results of scientific research closer to society and apply this to services and products that will benefit citizens, consumers, and patients.

  • The positive influence on society through technical developments.
  • The use of biological science in a socially relevant manner.
  • To accelerate the results of technical innovations like big data, personalized medicine, bioinformatics, and biological/scientific research with our own development.
  • To develop clinical diagnostics to improve the treatments and accelerate the development of medication.


The mission of Omnigen is to develop the treatment methods of tomorrow. For example, to make the development of new medications cheaper and more efficient by:

  • Using biological research in an innovative manner
  • Specializing in big-data solutions
  • Researching on a scientific level
  • Having a passion for everything that has to do with biological research
  • Having a social responsibility and a broad social goal.
  • Developing clinical diagnostics and diagnostical systems to produce (personalized) medicines

About Omnigen

Omnigen is aiming to use biological knowledge and research in a positive and useful way for society. We do this by, for example, bring the results of scientific research closer to the broad public. We also develop methods to make the treatment of illnesses better and more efficient and we do research to accelerate and professionalize the development of partners.

Omnigen Group

The group of Omnigen BV is characterized by different operating companies who each have their own different theme or focus point but are bundled together in the parent company Omnigen.


Omnnigen BV

Products & Application


Anigen BV

Products & Application



Consumers Sales Marketing


Praedico BV

Biomarker discovery

Omnigen BV

Omnigen has the goal to exploit Personalised Medicine, Clinical Diagnostics and innovative (biological) research, in a way that has a positive influence on society and on the public health. They do this by using their knowledge and expertise for medical and scientific research, for services for the farmaceutical industry, and the development of (computational) methods for better treatments of illnesses for patients.


Omniyou is aiming to market Direct To Consumer (DTC) testing in a creative way to ensure that the broader public can get to know the results of scientific research in a playful, easy to understand and informative way. The underlying goal is to enable people to live a healthier lifestyle by having biological self-awareness.


Anigen applies the acquired knowledge and expertise of Omnigen to services and products for pets/animals. They do this by developing new biological tests but also by independent genetic research. The goal is to exploit this on, for example, the para-veterinary market and the animal-oriented research departments of universities. Anigen does this to improve the lives of pets/animals and to improve the professional breeding of pets/animals.


Praedico is aiming to develop pharmaceutical compounds to make the production of medication more efficient. This will help to bring medication to the market and patients faster and cheaper. Also has Preadico an IP and patent that has the potential to identify tumors that are not or not easy to identify, in a non-invasive manner. This way, patients will be able to get treated in a more efficient and in an individual (tumor-specific) way.

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Berry Kriesels

Founder and managing director

Berry is the founder of Omnigen and works with every aspect of the company. He has a background in both bioinformatics and software development.

Lody de Groot

Senior Scientific Researcher

Lody focusses on the science behind Omnigen’s products and services Omnigen (B2B and B2C). This encompasses the development of new products and services as well as the translation of hard science into an applicable and comprehensible product for the consumer.

Marije Jildau Veenstra

Marije Jildau Veenstra

Management R&D

Marije is guiding our team of researchers and specialist with her background in biomedical sciences and with her experience in scientific research.

Inge van Drunen

Administrator/Privacy Officer

Inge has been responsible for the complete (financial) administration of Omnigen for several years. In her role as Administrator, she is the central point of contact for both internal- and external contacts. She is also a Privacy Officer, in which role she supervises the way Omnigen handles confidential information.

Henry Cheung

Account Manager and Scientific Researcher

As the sales and account manager, Henry is part of both the product development and product content. His role is to translate the wishes of consumers to practical solutions. He also supports the scientific research team.

Jasper van Dalum

Jasper van Dalum

Bioinformatics Analyst & Certified Google Cloud Architect

Jasper mainly works on Google Cloud projects but also helps out with research-oriented projects. He has a lot of experience with genetic data processing and ancestry analyses.

Timothy van der Werf

Bioinformatics Analyst & ML Engineer

Timothy is experienced in data science projects and works on machine learning solutions for the Life Sciences field. He also develops cloud implementations of these solutions and other scientific software.

Matthijs Kuik

Bioinformatics Analyst & Full-stack developer

Matthijs mostly works on Google Cloud projects. Next to that, he also develops software to facilitate private genetics research.

Guilhem Barthes

Bioinformatician & Full-stack developer

Guilhem is experienced in designing solutions and corresponding Google Cloud implementations for scientific needs in the Life Sciences field. He has experience in different types of projects, ranging from making internal tools customer-friendly to developing a proteomics pipeline.

Duncan Wierenga

Trainee Bioinformatics Analyst & Cloud Engineer

Duncan joined the team as a trainee with a background in bioinformatics. As a result, he has some genetic analysis experience under his belt. Besides this, he implements various cloud solutions for processing genetic data and providing data-driven business insights.

Myrthe van Baardwijk

PhD Candidate Bioinformatics

Myrthe is conducting her doctoral research within Omnigen on the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients with pancreatic cancer in collaboration with Erasmus University. For Omnigen, she is involved in the development of a reliable model for personalizing treatment options for pancreatic cancer patients. She has a background in biomedical sciences and bioinformatics.

Annelies Kamphuis


Annelies works on Omnigen's vision to bring biological developments and outcomes closer to society. From various succesful projects to genetic interpretation, she translates scientific information in an understanding way.


Iris Noordermeer

Intern (PITA project)

As a Molecular Genetics intern, Iris is involved in pancreatic cancer research. She is doing a literature review on the effectiveneess of pancreatic cancer chemotherapy treatment. Her internship is part of her master's degree in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology at Leiden University.

Lieke Helderman

Intern (Pharmacogenetics)

As a bioinformatics intern, Lieke researches whether adding pharmacogenetics as a new product or service is beneficial for Omnigen. It will consist of a new pipeline function that can determine the dosage of (preselected) medicines. The graduation internship is part of her bachelor in Bioinformatics at the Hogeschool Leiden.

Mariëlle de Jongh

Intern (Anigen)

As a bioinformatics intern, Mariëlle researches the correlation between DNA analyses and phenotype information provided by the horse owner. In addition, she will conduct a literature study on pre-implantation genetic diagnostics in order to select possible equine embryos with desired genetic traits for insemination. Her graduation internship is part of the bachelor's degree in bioinformatics at the Hogeschool of Leiden.

Gwen van der Sluis

Intern (PITA project)

As a bioinformatics intern within the PITA project, Gwen researches which pancreatic cancer patients will react to a certain therapy. For this, she will make an application in which the the data of the patients will be researched and the results will be visualised. She will also make a pipeline in which these results will be compared to results of other research to find a connection.

Lucas Heijnen

Intern (PITA project)

As bioinformatics intern within the PITA project, Lucas researches different algorithms that can detect copy number variants. This information can be used to assess if patients with pancreatic cancer will respond to certain medicines. Lucas will make a pipeline where the various algorithms can be tested against a gold standard dataset.

Mieke Bentvelzen

Intern (PITA project)

As a bioinformatic intern within the PITA project, Mieke researches which pancreatic cancer patients will have toxic effects from chemotherapy. For her thesis she will use SNP data and process these with machine learning techniques, to make predictions. Her graduation internship is part of the master Bioinformatics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Scientific board

Prof. Dr. Andrew Stubss

Professor Erasmus Medical Center

Dr. Timon Vandamme

Oncologist Antwerp University Medical Center

Board of advisors

Pieter Berkman

Shareholder and strategic advisor

Dirk Groenewegen

Strategic advisor Life Sciences

Ab Chakai

Advisor innovation & strategic partnerships
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