ESA award for the great Feyenoord DNA study


The great Feyenoord DNA study, of which Omnigen was a part of, has won the European Sponsorship Awards For this study

We figured out if the Feyenoord-gene does actually exist to try and find out where the love for this club comes from. We did this by isolation DNA from the saliva of 168 supporters. After that, the DNA got screened with a microarray with which we could read 640.000 spots on the DNA. Then the digital information got analyzed with the computer by Omnigen.

We are extremely proud that this project has won the award and we thank all of our partners that helped with this study! Are you curious to see the results of the great Feyenoord DNA study? Then you can find the video on the Youtube channel of Opel Nederland: (NL)

Do you have an idea for a study or project with which we could help you out? Or do you have a love for a sport or have a certain trait of which you think: "This is in my blood" and would you like to know if that's indeed the case?  Let us know by sending an email to .

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