Heat: can you cope with it?


We have already had many days of real summer weather in the Netherlands. Some people find the heat very nice, while others absolutely can not stand the heat. What could be the cause for this difference? The University of Arizona did some research to find out.

Habituation and evolution

One of the possible causes can be found in habituation. The research has shown that people generally have the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions. If you do not like hot weather, or when you can not cope with it, it can help to just stay in a warm area. As the body gets used to the heat, then the heat can be better tolerated. The speed with which one adapts may differ from person to person. The reason for this probably lies in the genes. It may be that someone is predisposed to deal with changing weather conditions, and can easily adapt to climate extremes.

When someone is going to live in a different climate, he or she must adapt to the “new” climate. It appears that the next generations growing up in the “new” climate, are becoming better adapted to the climate. So this means that adapting to climate change is a form of evolution that occurs.


Common Causes

A number of general issues that affect how well you are able to deal with heat: the ability to sweat, skin pigmentation, strength of the heart and also how close the blood vessels lie on the surface of the skin.

When suffering from depression or other mental problems, it is often difficult to control body temperature. Due to this, you can not adapt to changing temperatures very well.



We have gathered some tips by Omnigen employees to cope with the warm days (and nights).

  • Drink lots of water. You sweat a lot, so it is important to replenish the lost fluid.
  • Ice cream
  • Don’t go out on the hottest moments of the day.
  • Stay near or in the water to cool down.
  • Make use of shadow.
  • To cool a room quickly: put a bottle of water in the freezer and let it freeze. Then put the frozen bottle of water in front of a fan. Now the wind from the fan is “ice” cold.
  • Wear a hat when you go outside.
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