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The human genome holds a wealth of information, which is of great importance for understanding the way your body works. Here at Omnigen, we are working on the future of Personal Genomics – we want to empower people to get a better understanding of their genetic makeup and we want to give everyone the tools to do so. You can watch our pitch on YouTube or you can check out our site. In addition to our own research, we work closely with academic institutions, hospitals and other centers of expertise, but also other professionals in the field. And we’re looking for interns to help us achieve that ambition.

Are you currently enrolled in an Informatics or Bioinformatics course and are you familiar with either Python, Django or PHP, then we are very interested in meeting you! During an internship or mini-internship, you would be working on projects concerning Quality Control, Databases, Dockers and Containers. Any experience with network management would be an added bonus.

Omnigen is an official partner of Google for the implementation of Dockers, Containers, and Kubernetes in the Google Cloud Platform, which you would also be able to work with during your internship.

As an Omnigen SuperIntern, you are able to work on complex problems and are able to come up with creative solutions to the challenges you face, you are able to work together in the challenging environment of a startup and you understand our customer needs.

Besides an interesting place to work and exciting challenges, we would offer the opportunity to contribute to a cool new startup with the ability to get acquainted with a lot of technologically advanced challenges. Located in the Rotterdam Science Tower, on the campus of the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship we have to offer Friday Afternoon Drinks, a Slide, Great views of the city and of course an internship allowance.

Do you recognize yourself in the profile that we described and are you just as enthusiastic about meeting us? Then please send an email with your resumé and motivation to  – and we’ll get in touch soon.

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