Omnigen 2018: Let’s Gen!


There are a couple of interesting developments planned for 2018! Not only will we start with Anigen, but we will also focus more on diagnostics, healthcare, and big data.

Anigen: Omnigen for Animals

Anigen, our new subsidiary company, will do research and also develop services for animal genetics. This way screening for genetic and relevant factors for animals like horses will be made possible and then it will be easier to analyze that data. But also pets like dogs and cats will benefit from this in the long term. For example, we will develop and offer genetic analyses that are relevant to the diagnostic for animal clinics.

Toxys and Omnigen: Animal-free testing

Together with Toxys, Omnigen has received a grant from MIT to further develop the ToxPlot-software. With this software, novel compounds can be tested for carcinogenic and/or other hazardous properties. You can read more about this unique here.

DNA Foodbox: 12 weeks long a food box adjusted to your DNA

In 2018 Omnigen will work together with BilderdeClercq to offer food boxes. Customized meals. Specially made for you based on what you need. Are you interested and would you like to sign up? Then go to

Bigger focus on medical diagnostics

Omnigen will go towards a new direction in 2018. We will concentrate more on the medical science side of biology for the farmaceutical industry, personalized medicine, hospitals, big data, and medical diagnostics. But we will not let our consumers down, because we will also sell DNA-kits that can help you with your training and your diet!

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