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Omnigen is working along on the pancreas project which is in cooperation with the iKnowIT project of Eurostars. This project focuses on the personalization of treatments and the prospects of pancreatic cancer. The goal is to build software systems that can help with choosing the most fitting treatment of a disease.


Prof. Dr. Casper van Eijck, a surgeon at Erasmus Medical Centre, started with the idea. Pancreatic surgery is one of the things he is specialized in. He noticed that too many pancreatic cancer patients were suffering because of the big treatments that had no effect. He consulted Omnigen and eventually together with a grants advisor he went looking at the possibilities. With the Eurostars grant, it became possible to work together with more parties. That’s why Omnigen asked the Medical Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, and Bioinformatics departments of the Erasmus Medical Centre to join. In cooperation with a few other parties, there is a lot of knowledge and experience for the development of user-friendly software systems.



The project has two main goals. These are:

  1. The development of software for iMedFrame. This is software that can help a doctor to determine which treatment will be most effective for pancreatic cancer patients.
  2. Clinical scientific studies to research the response of patients to the treatment and the clinical parameters of the patients who do and do not react to the different treatments. These results can be used to keep making the software better, to make sure the given treatment advice is correct.


Omnigen’s tasks

Omnigen doesn’t only contribute by making genetic analyzes for this project. We also develop a couple of components of the complete software system. We will also contribute with the analyzing of the clinical parameters and treatment results that are being measured of the patients in the clinical study

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