The DNA of your colleagues


How well does your employer know you? An employer and an employee get to know each other reasonably well after a job interview. It's not only important for your employer to know you well, but it is also important to know what to expect of your employer. How does your employer handle sickness, problems in your private life and work disability?

Last year the number of invalidity benefits went down, but there was an increase in sick leave in the Netherlands. (cbs) What if your employer could help you stay healthy longer by letting you get to know yourself better?

Nowadays it is possible to do genetic analyses. With the use of these analyzes, employees are able to work on possible risks themselves and discuss them with the employer if so desired. The analyze is based on the DNA of the employees. This way the employees can decide themselves what they want to share with the employer. Colleagues will get to know each other really well and work together to get a strong professional relationship!

Am I required to share my DNA results with my employer? No, the employee decides for themselves what they want to share with the employer. This way the employee has full control over their privacy. The employee can work on the risks that come forward in the DNA analyzes themselves.

Genetic analyses for companies, as secondary terms of employment, is an upcoming trend. More and more companies want to invest in their employees and help them become their best selves. This isn't only to help the companies but also help the employees. Employees feel more appreciated by companies who invest in them and take care of them. Great staff is worth gold, but great and healthy staff is worth platinum!

Are you looking for the DNA of your colleagues? Take a look at for more information about this trend!

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