The special genes of a redhead


Redheads are still a minority, but one thing is for sure. The gene MC1R is what causes the red locks and also other special traits.


Some think that people with red hair can handle less pain and that they have lower pain tolerance. Recent studies show that this isn’t always the case, but that it that they do have a stronger reaction to certain kinds of pain. However, they are more resistant to spicy food, which gives a burning sensation. People with red hair also handle the pain caused by stinging or pressure better.



It turns out that people with red hair often need more anesthetics.  This could be caused by lower pain tolerance with certain types of pain. There is also something special about the effect of some medicines. People with red hair often have a better reaction to certain types of medication.



They also found a possible connection between the hair color red and the intelligence of a person. The gen that causes the red color, is also a part of the central functions of the brain together with a couple of other genes. This suggests that people with the gene for red hair are more intelligent. This could explain the higher chance of becoming an executive director when you have red hair.

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