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vers+ DNA-diner

Tuesday evening, October 9th, Omnigen has organized a DNA-dinner in collaboration with vers+. At this dinner, people got served dishes based on what their DNA said, where we looked at the needed amounts of fat, carbs, proteins, and vitamins. You can read the article by the AD about [...]


iKnowIT – PITA (Pancreatic Insightfull Treatment Analysis)

Omnigen is working together with the iKnowIT project of Eurostars on the pancreas project. This project focuses on the personalization of treatment prospects of pancreatic cancer. The goal is to create a software system that can help with choosing the right method to treat the illness. Origination The [...]


Toxys – Toxplot software for animal-free chemical safety testing

Omnigen and Toxys have received an MIT grant for the development and extension of the ToxPlot software. With this grant, the ToxPlot analysis tool will be further developed to allow quantitative and hypothesis-free toxicity profiling of novel chemicals. Currently, ToxPlot is primarily used as an in-house tool at Toxys for [...]