iKnowIT – PITA (Pancreatic Insightful Treatment Analysis)

Project Description

Clinical diagnostics

Omnigen is working together with the iKnowIT project of Eurostars on the pancreas project. This project focuses on the personalization of treatment prospects of pancreatic cancer. The goal is to create a software system that can help with choosing the right method to treat the illness.


The idea originated by Prof. Dr. Casper van Eijck, a surgeon at Erasmus MC Rotterdam. He specialized in pancreas surgery. He saw that too many pancreatic cancer patients were suffering because of heavy treatments that had no effect. In consultation with Omnigen and eventually a grand adviser, he started looking into the possibilities. The Eurostars grant made it possible to work together with more parties. That’s why Omnigen asked the departments Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of the Erasmus MC to join. Because of the combinations with several other parties, there is lots of knowledge and experience to develop a user-friendly software system.


The project has two main goals. These are:

  1. The development of software for iMedFrame. This is software that can help doctors to determine if a certain treatment will help a patient with pancreatic cancer.
  2. Clinical scientific research to the responses of patients to treatments and the clinical parameters of the patients who do and don’t respond to the different treatments. These results can be used to keep improving the software so the right treatment will be predicted.

The role of Omnigen

For this project, Omnigen isn’t only helping by doing genetic analyses. We also develop a few parts of the total software system. We will also be involved in the analyzing of the clinical parameters and treatment results that are measured by the patients in the clinical study.

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