BrainServer: Creating an interactive and collaborative working environment

Project Description


Omnigen created a computational environment for the Neurogenomics research group of Dr. Inge R. Holtman that enables developing a database structure, computational pipelines, and tools for the execution of genomic analyses through the use of Google Cloud computing.

The Challenge

In 2020, Dr. Holtman became a junior group leader in the field of Neurogenomics after successfully pursuing a Rosalind Franklin Fellowship at the University Medical Center in Groningen. In one of her main projects, she collaborates with the Netherlands Brain Bank (NBB), with the aim to establish the Netherlands Neurogenomics Database, which aims to integrate extensive clinical and neuropathological data from the NBB with new genetics and genomics data types. Within her brand-new research group, an efficient collaborative working environment was required.

The Solution

Omnigen created the infrastructure of their new collaborative cloud based working environment. The environment contains a Google Compute engine as the central repository that hosts Jupyter for computational tasks. The compute engine is connected to the Cloud storage. Moreover, Omnigen deployed a MOLGENIS application for biological data management in order for the research group to set up a database structure.

The Results

The new collaborative environment can be used to process and analyse datasets using a wide range of genomics and molecular computational tools. Its flexible nature enables dealing with increased computational demands. The environment furthermore empowers the Neurogenomics research group to independently perform analyses, develop tools and pipelines, and to store and share data with collaborators.

About the Customer

Dr. Holtman is a junior group leader in the section of Molecular Neurobiology at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). The main focus of her research group is to study the relations between genetic variation and the development of various brain diseases in collaboration with the Netherlands Brain Bank.

Industry: Non-profit
Location: The Netherlands

Partner Bio

Omnigen BV is a company based in Delft in the field of biotechnology. With an expertise in bioinformatics and biology, Omnigen is a Google Cloud computing specialist for the Life Sciences & Health branch. With Omnigens aim “to make the world healthier”, the company has helped various institutions to overcome their biological, omics or medical challenges by consulting and guiding clients on the implementation of tailored, scalable and easy-to-use Google Cloud services.

Solution pillars: Data Management, Productivity and Collaboration, Migration, & Infrastructure Modernization

Products: Google Cloud Platform

“Transitioning to the Cloud was quite an adjustment, but Omnigen guided us in every step of the way.”

Dr. Inge Holtman
Rosalind Franklin Junior Group Leader – UMCG

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