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Scientific team

We are a multi-disciplined team that consists of postdoctoral researchers and applied science professionals who have different backgrounds in genetics, biomedical sciences, bioinformatics, software development, and statistics but also graphical design and business development. This way, issues will not only be solved/executed with the right scientific expertise but will also be practical in use and the business case and available budget will be taken into account.


Not every application is limited to pharmaceutical and biological research. We are used to working together with partners in new ways and to think in a different context about how we can apply scientific research in a creative way.


Use genetics in a different way? Use scientific literature for social innovation? We can help you in different ways and we have experience with genetic research and creating practical applications with genetic information.


Bioinformatics is important because of the rise of big amounts of biological data and big datasets. We from Omnigen have experience with the analyzing and processing of Microarray genotypes, Whole Exome, Whole Genome and RNA expression data. We can also apply this in a scalable cloud-based infrastructure when this is required because of the size of the data or analysis.


Is there an issue that needs knowledge of genetics on a postdoctoral level? Or is there a challenge that requires biomedical knowledge? Then we can evaluate together how we can get from question to research to results in the best possible way.

Study design

The setup of a good research needs a good design. What is the question that is being asked? What implications does this give the population that is needed and how much static power is needed? How do you get a correct conclusion and which parameters do you use the right way? We would like to talk to you about these things.

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Known for, among others:
Known for, among others