Big data

Big data

Omnigen has experience in processing and analyzing large volumes of biological data. “Big data” can be collected and produced in countless ways. For example, by genetic material (DNA), but also by imaging (röntgen). Usually, there is way more possible then people think and we would like to help you further with your data challenges.

Cloud computing

Omnigen is the official European partner in the field of implementation and design of Google Cloud Computing and Google Genomics because of our extensive experience with Google Cloud in combination with genetic applications. Our team can help you find the best approach for applying a cloud solution to an own existing pipeline and/or research by using system architecture, clinical content, and bioinformatics.

OCRE SURF Cloud services

In today’s healthcare and research, it is of the utmost importance to be able to advance research at scale, to enable secure digital collaboration and to improve patient or customer value. A modern and reliable IT infrastructure is therefore indispensable.

By offering advanced Google Cloud solutions, Omnigen helps you build an IT infrastructure that is flexible, scalable, and future-proof.

Biomarker discovery

Biomarkers are being used more and more for personalized treatment. These individual traits are specific measurable characteristics from a human being or other organism. Examples are blood values, immunochemistry, metabolites, DNA expression based on microarray or NGS data and/or information that is obtained by imaging. Because of the development of biomarkers, the indication of how an illness is developing will keep improving or will enable the information to be used as a clinical diagnostic system to determine if a medicine will be effective for a patient or create side effects. This way, a patient will get the medicine that has the most chance of succeeding in a concentration that fits the individual the best.

Omnigen has experience with the development and research of biomarkers and would like to help you with applying biomarkers within your research or projects.

Personalised medicine

Fully personalized medicines, which are specially made for one individual is a fast-growing industry. This new way of applying biomarkers enables us to develop medicines based on biomarkers and can indicate if, for example, the medicine will be effective for a specific group of patients.

Clinical diagnostics

Within Europe, Omnigen is a part of the designing of clinical diagnostic systems which enables us to advise treatments to patients on an individual level. We would like to help you figure out if the development of a clinical diagnostic system can be used for other applications.

Scientific software development

The development of software requires specific expertise that is only limited available. The need for expertise is even bigger when the developer needs to understand the context of biological and academic research to be able to create the software. Omnigen has experience with the development of software with a biological and/or scientific application and has an own team that has knowledge about both biology and informatics.

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