MIT R&D subsidy for new project ‘ISOLATE’

ISOLATE - Omnigen

We are delighted to announce that our new project ‘ISOLATE’ (DIagnoStic tOol Liver cAncer TreatmEnt) with Levels Diagnostics has been granted the MIT R&D collaboration grant by Provincie Zuid-Holland. Together we aim to develop a companion diagnostic that is able to distinguish responders from non-responders of treatment with Sorafenib among liver cancer patients. 

Liver cancer is the seventh most common form of cancer worldwide and the second most deadly. The invasive character of the most common type of primary liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, makes curative treatment difficult. This type of cancer, however, can be more sensitive to treatment with kinase inhibitor Sorafenib. 

With the complementary skills of Omnigen and Levels Diagnostics, we hope to be able to make a diagnostic test that can determine for which patients treatment with Sorafenib is beneficial, and therefore lower unnecessary suffering among these patients. 

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