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Omnigen is currently working on a project for a large company. This company has set up a ‘challenge’ for its employees to think about innovation, particularly in the area of health. Omnigen may give away a number of kits to the employees, on behalf of the partnering company. Employees with the best ideas will be chosen by a jury and then mentored to develop and implement the idea further. By having a DNA analysis done at Omnigen, employees are encouraged to think outside the box more often.

It is very important for companies to keep innovating and to apply the latest developments, not only on company-specific issues but also about healthcare costs. The idea behind this “challenge” is to keep healthcare costs low in the future and to improve the quality of healthcare.

Customized medications

Before a drug can be put on the market, it must first meet a number of requirements. One of the requirements is that it has to work for a certain percentage of a population. Some medications work very well for a small group of people, while they lack effect in the majority of the test group. In this case, the drug may not be put on the market because it only works for a small part of the group, and is thus not cost-effective.

To improve the quality of care, there are more personalized medicines needed; not everything works the same for everyone. So how can we find out which drug works best for you? We can use DNA testing. These tests can help determine how a person handles certain medication. You can find a lot of information in DNA about diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer’s, but there is also information about the breakdown and absorption of substances such as Metformin – the active substance in certain diabetes medications. If researchers can predict how someone will respond to certain medication, it becomes possible to develop medication suited to individual needs.

A major additional advantage of DNA analysis is that certain diseases can be traced at an early stage, and allow someone to take action at an early stage. But also other things can be read, like a predisposition to addiction susceptibility. There are many more opportunities to improve the quality of care and to maintain affordable healthcare in the future. It is up to the employees to come up with ideas about innovation, and Omnigen is happy to join this brainstorm.

Creative ideas

The creative ideas from the employees will be used to respond to the expected developments in the industry of the partnering company. At this moment we cannot disclose which company it is about, but it certainly is a company that finds it important to involve employees in the development. Hopefully, this will lead to more out-of-the-box ideas!

Omnigen also will benefit from the results of this project; it gives us a picture of the (future) needs in the field of health. Employees have provided a lot of interesting questions about their personal DNA. Omnigen will take on these questions in the research project and hopes to give answers to the majority of the ideas and questions.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on what you would like to know about yourself, please send us an email and we’ll look at your ideas and perhaps include it in our study. Together we can make our DNA analysis better!


Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to involve your employees in an innovation project, or do you want to motivate them to live healthily? Along with Omnigen, you can make sure that your employees are full of energy to work!

Are you a sponsor of an athlete or do you have intentions to do this, give him or her a kit and help the athlete to perform better!

If you want to know more about the business opportunities, please send us an email.

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