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Omnigen can now call herself an official partner of Google – which means that we may act as a knowledge and implementation partner in the field of Cloud Computing & Genomics.

Google Partnership Program

Google Partnership Program is an initiative to bring together all organizations that can assist in setting up well functioning IT processes. There are about 5.000 companies worldwide joining together, amongst which Omnigen recently joined. Originally the program mainly focuses on SEO and website design – but since the beginning, the program has broadened to also support other Google services.

Omnigen has been using Google Cloud services since the first participation in the Google Launchpad program and works with the engineers at Google to further refinement of the Genomics platform.

Possibilities of Google Cloud Platform

Many research organizations, for example, in clinical or academic environments, have to deal with significant infrastructure challenges. Processing, storing and maintaining large amounts of data and related costs for infrastructure and management. All these things and more can be simplified by using Google Cloud Services.

The Google Cloud Platform offers opportunities to scale quickly and easily. Allows the entire IT infrastructure to be hosted cloud-based, where the costs of overheads are minimal. After all, they pay only for what they use.

Imagine your research team working with large amounts of data. They are likely to experience frequent hardware failures and an increasingly complex IT infrastructure. The result is that they are less able to do their work, resulting in a decreased output of scientific results, scale problems and constantly rising costs. In the most extreme case, data can be lost.

These situations can be avoided by applying the Google Cloud Platform.

Omnigen is a domain expert from both genomics, bio-informatics and Google Cloud Computing and can ensure the establishment, migration and knowledge transfer necessary.

The platform consists of three components that can be used, namely: Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud Data Flow.


The Google Cloud Platform has many advantages. Underneath you find a list with the most important advantages:

  • Scalable server park
  • Easy management and virtualization
  • Low costs
  • No maintenance
  • Staff can focus on their work instead of IT management

Type of challenges Omnigen can help with

  • Genomics: How my existing research can be optimally adapted to the Google Cloud Platform?
  • Cloud Computing: How can my existing on-premises IT infrastructure be migrated to a cloud solution?
  • Cloud Storage: How can I scale my ever growing need for data storage infinitely, without ever running the risk of losing data?

What we do

Omnigen has, as an expert Bioinformatics and Genomics company, a strong background in data management and processing. We have extensive experience implementing and configuring the Google Cloud solutions, so we can help organizations to immediately begin working in a safe, convenient and cost-effective platform in a way that gives scalability and flexibility, what organizations in the Life Science and Medical Technology field so desperately need. No more worries about management, maintenance, and updates, everything is safe and secured.

Are you curious about the possibilities of Google Cloud for your business – we would like to tell you all about it. Please contact us via 

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